#build2023 - Building in public in 2023


I've been running SleekDigital.sg for 5 years.

I've learnt the ins and outs of software products.

I've seen the ideas of hundreds of potential software products.

It's time that I put my learning to good use.

This 2023, I will be putting my knowledge and skillsets to good use to try and build products that will create value for businesses and individuals.

I am planning to launch at least 10 software products throughout the year and attain an MRR (monthly recurring revenue) of S$30,000/month. It will be a challenging journey but I believe that much can be learnt from this.

Further to building the products, I will be documenting the thought, design and development processes of all the products.

I hope this can showcase the skillsets of our team and in turn we are able to spark ideas in aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners looking at digitalisation.